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CompuWorks began in 1987 in Pittsfield, MA to help businesses understand how computer systems impacted their workflow. Today we address ever-changing technological challenges while creating a positive business impact. Learn more about our IT services.

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For every industry we work with, we help elevate that organization’s IT readiness. Our IT solutions can be tailored to meet your needs and address sector-specific challenges. Learn more about the industries we serve.

Industries We Serve
About CompuWorks

Since our humble beginnings, CompuWorks has grown into an award-winning Managed IT Services Provider, building a reputation of technical excellence. Learn more about the CompuWorks way of doing business.

About Us

Managed Data Backup & Disaster Recovery is part of HealthyIT

What happens when systems fail?  Or when one of your staff clicks on a malicious e-mail link and your data is suddenly encrypted and unavailable?  Your business comes to a screeching halt in most cases.

If you’re in a regulated industry or are entrusted with protected healthcare, financial, or personal information data loss can mean fines, reputational damage, and lawsuits.

With our managed backup and disaster recovery service, your data is backed up, encrypted, and stored both on-site and offsite in a secure data center.  We monitor the system’s health 24×7 and test its operation and ability to restore it before you need to rely on it.  And we rely on it to provide a disaster recovery platform so that you can continue to run your business while the underlying problem gets sorted out minimizing risk and downtime and maximizing your productivity.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service

As part of our Managed IT Services, we offer our backup and disaster recovery planning as a stand-alone service.  Let us handle the management and operation of this critical piece of your IT puzzle while freeing up your IT team to devote their attention to what they do best.  Backup and Disaster Recovery Consulting as a service is economical insurance and peace of mind.

The Path To Backup & Recovery

Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

The most critical element in starting any IT project or setting new business technology goals is developing an IT strategic plan. We empower our clients and strengthen organizations through the strategic planning of the use of technology.

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Standards & Best Practices

Standards & Best Practices

We believe that the best approach to engaging with clients is managed and built on a defined set of IT standards & best practices. We talk about this as the “CompuWorks Way.”

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"BCARC has been a CompuWorks HealthyIT customer since 2015. I act as a primary point of contact between CompuWorks and the agency, and I can't say enough about the great service they provide. When we onboarded with CompuWorks, there was much room for improvement with our existing systems. The HealthyIT team came in, assessed our needs, and implemented functional solutions that provide the infrastructure to support our day-to-day operations.

"I also work closely with the service desk, field technicians, and project leaders at CompuWorks, and it is a pleasure doing business with them. Everyone I have worked with at CompuWorks has been courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and driven by customer satisfaction. If your company is struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving world of IT, or if maintaining an onsite IT staff is too costly or is not meeting your needs, I strongly suggest that you contact the folks at CompuWorks to see what HealthyIT can do for you. If you choose to do business with CompuWorks, you will find yourself wondering how you ever got by without them."

Berkshire County ARC
Pittsfield, MA

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