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CompuWorks began in 1987 in Pittsfield, MA to help businesses understand how computer systems impacted their workflow. Today we address ever-changing technological challenges while creating a positive business impact. Learn more about our IT services.

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For every industry we work with, we help elevate that organization’s IT readiness. Our IT solutions can be tailored to meet your needs and address sector-specific challenges. Learn more about the industries we serve.

Industries We Serve
About CompuWorks

Since our humble beginnings, CompuWorks has grown into an award-winning Managed IT Services Provider, building a reputation of technical excellence. Learn more about the CompuWorks way of doing business.

About Us

HealthyIT Training

Welcome. Today we’re going to spend some time going over your IT engagement. Your company has chosen to be a part of our HealthyIT product. Our goal is to help you understand exactly what HealthyIT is and your role within it.

This training video contains the following sections:

  • Brief Overview of CompuWorks (start)
  • The Four Blocks of HealthyIT (1:18)
  • Proactive Network Administration (1:38)
  • IT Strategy, Planning & Budgeting (1:57)
  • Security Tools & Services (2:43)
  • Security Breach Prevention (3:12)
  • How to ask for help (3:52)

Introduction to Microsoft Loop


MS Loop is an innovative tool designed to enhance collaboration and productivity for businesses. It provides a central platform for team members to communicate, share documents and files, and collaborate in real-time. Join this webinar to learn how MS Loop allows teams to work more efficiently by providing an organized space for project management, document sharing, and team communication. It streamlines workflows, reduces the time spent on email, and improves overall team productivity. MS Loop is an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their collaboration processes and improve their productivity.