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CompuWorks began in 1987 in Pittsfield, MA to help businesses understand how computer systems impacted their workflow. Today we address ever-changing technological challenges while creating a positive business impact. Learn more about our IT services.

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For every industry we work with, we help elevate that organization’s IT readiness. Our IT solutions can be tailored to meet your needs and address sector-specific challenges. Learn more about the industries we serve.

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Since our humble beginnings, CompuWorks has grown into an award-winning Managed IT Services Provider, building a reputation of technical excellence. Learn more about the CompuWorks way of doing business.

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The Advantages of Managed Services vs. Break-Fix

Apr 28th, 2017

Technology is the leading force that helps companies streamline their process, improve productivity and keep a competitive edge. But, what happens when you have hiccups or, even worse, a major outage? Your two main options are the break-fix approach and managed services. Understanding what happens when an issue occurs under each scenario will help you determine what is best for you, your team, and your customers.

Break-Fix: A Reactive Approach

  • Something goes wrong. Internet is down, the computer gets a virus, data is lost, etc.
  • You frantically report the issue to your break-fix guy and your call goes in the queue based on their priority, not yours
  • The technician is dispatched to your location or tries to work on the issue remotely
  • The technician diagnoses the cause of the problem
  • The problem is resolved and you’re billed for the time and materials which vary from call to call


Managed Services: A Proactive Approach

  • An IT problem arises
  • Your MSP is notified by their monitoring software before the problem affects your system
  • The MSP immediately reviews the alert and starts diagnosing the issue without you having to contact them
  • The issue is resolved remotely or you’re notified of an onsite visit
  • The problem is resolved and everything is included in your fixed monthly fee


When it comes down to deciding whether break-fix or managed services is right for you, the key question you should ask yourself is how long can you afford to be down? With the break-fix approach, it could be hours or days before you’re back up and data is recovered. A big advantage of managed services is that an MSP can spot and resolve small issues before they cause larger ones that could negatively affect your systems, productivity, and clients.

Contact us to learn more about how managed services can ensure your technology gets the priority attention it needs so you can do the same for your customers.

The Why Behind Managed Services

Mar 28th, 2017

Organizations of all sizes rely on technology to operate efficiently and effectively, and as the reliance on IT grows, so does the need for extra support. But, your time and energy should be focused on growth and innovation, not worrying about whether your IT systems are working like they should. It’s easy to become overwhelmed…

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an MSP Partner

Jun 1st, 2017

Small to medium-sized businesses in every market are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for reliable technology services. From professional service organizations like accounting and law firms to hospitality and construction organizations, MSPs provide a broad range of business IT services. They help smaller enterprises regain control of their technology and finances by rolling services…

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