Network Security Consultant

No business, big or small, can afford to overlook its network security.

According to Forbes, 87% of small business owners don't think they are at risk of being hacked. However, there was a study that says 60 percent of targeted cyber attacks struck SMBs.

Whenever you are connected to the internet, by phone, laptop or desktop, your business is exposed to risk. Most small business owners use security applications like a simple antivirus to counter these threats, but there are cyber threats that can bypass those and inflict harm, or worse, steal precious information.

Controlling your data flow and access to it is the key to IT security. This can be achieved using a layered approach, including employing a firewall and analyzing  access/traffic logs, among many other data points that can provide information about who is accessing and trying to access  your network and when.

Most businesses do not have the dedicated and experienced resources on staff to examine this information with the required attention to detail.

CompuWorks can help you.

CompuWorks' Network Security services will review your existing organization's IT infrastructure and propose sound security practices.  We can then implement solutions to provide the initial remediation needed followed by the oversight, monitoring, and routine review + updates required to maintain your company's overall security posture.

Contact us to learn more about how CompuWorks can help to secure your network.

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